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Name: Luke Triton
Alias: None
Series: Professor Layton
Canon Point: The end of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Age: 13
Rank: 29

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"Hello, Luke Triton here! I'm not here right now, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can!"

[Open to text, video, voice, and action!]
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If you have any comments or criticism on how I play Luke, or you just need to get in touch with me, here's the post to do it. Feel free to contact me! Anon comments are screened.

Name: Dante
AIM: TheIrradiated
Character Name: Luke Triton
Character Series: Professor Layton
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[Luke's settled in Cherrygrove City until he can get adjusted to living in Johto again. But when he woke up, he remembered only having one Pokemon...

Now he seems to have one more. He's never seen a Pokemon like this before, and he's not sure how he even got it. Maybe it wasn't his? Looks like this is a job for a video post!]

Um, can anyone tell me what kind of Pokemon this is? It showed up all of a sudden and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be mi - hey! Hey! Be careful with those ribbons!

A-anyway, if anyone's missing a Pokemon like this, let me know. I have a really bad feeling about- I told you, keep those ribbons to yourself! 

[Action - Outside Cherrygrove]

[Luke's trying to deal with his new Pokemon, which seems pretty attached to him. Literally! It keeps accidentally tripping him with its ribbons, trying to wrap them around his arm while he bats them away. Eventually he has to keep the Pokemon tucked under his arm while he approaches people just to keep it from tripping him.]

Excuse me, is this your Pokemon?
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[A nightmare about Luke's old Teddiursa was pretty unexpected, considering it's been months since Luke last thought about Pokemon. He doesn't fully remember what the nightmare was about, just that he woke up in a cold sweat before realizing he was in that same house he woke up in when he started his first Pokemon journey. And not just that, but he quickly discovers that all of his stuff is missing and that his former Ursaring is now a Teddiursa again. Before he could figure out what was going on, his "mom" bursts into his room and ushers him out the door, wishing him a safe Pokemon journey.

And so, a very confused 15-year-old Luke Triton is standing outside of New Bark Town, tightly holding onto a similarly confused Teddiursa. He pulls out his Pokegear, feeling some relief that it still works.]

Gosh, the last time I was here, it was snowing! Something really strange is going on here. All my stuff is missing and Mr. Bear is a Teddiursa again...

...Did I go back in time or something?

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Name: Dante
Personal Journal: [personal profile] falconpawnch
E-mail: TheIrradiated@gmail.com
AIM/MSN: TheIrradiated
Timezone: Eastern
Current Characters in Route: n/a

Name: Luke Triton
Series: Professor Layton
Timeline: The end of Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Canon Resource Links:
Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Luke is generally very kind and sweet to other people, as he sees it as part of becoming a gentleman. From time to time, he has the tendency of being cheeky, especially towards a person he sees as rude. He usually speaks his mind freely, which sometimes gets him scolded by Layton. He also has a tendency of acting before thinking, especially if he‘s suspicious of someone, such as when he tried to attack Inspector Chelmey thinking that he was the evil Don Paolo in disguise. Despite his brashness, he always tries to help someone if they need it.

Luke idolizes Professor Layton, to the point that it was he who made himself Layton’s apprentice, not the Professor. He tries hard to follow in the footsteps of his mentor, sometimes even mimicking his actions (pointing like Layton does when Layton isn‘t around). Also, he takes his role as an apprentice very seriously, even becoming defensive if someone questions his apprenticeship. Luke tends to be very curious about the world around him. The boy is very inquisitive and is always asking questions. Much like his mentor, he also shares Layton’s love for puzzles, but not to the extreme that Layton does.

Like most kids his age, Luke tends to have an overactive imagination. He gets scared by things like ghosts and vampires, and depending on the environment he‘s in, he‘ll be more jumpy and easily startled. He’s also a little naïve, especially about adult matters. Unlike the Professor, he lets his emotions show more often. He’ll lose his temper or become easily shocked by something. Or if something angers him, he'll let it show, even calling someone out on their actions if he doesn't approve of them. Sometimes, he’ll even give in to certain child-like temptations, like jumping on cushions of trains.

He loves animals, and has the ability to communicate with them. If he sees an animal, he’ll usually stop whatever he’s doing to greet it. Whether or not the animal reacts kindly to him is a different matter, because sometimes the animal will lash out at him no matter how nice he is to it. Nonetheless, he’ll always try to reach out to an animal that needs help.

Since Unwound Future, Luke has matured a little. He's become more confidant, going as far as calling himself a "whiz" at puzzles. Not only that, but he's more outspoken and will jump in conversations more often. Luke also is more independent, trying to take charge of a situation rather than letting the Professor decide for him, and will even argue back with the Professor if he doesn't agree with something. But what's probably the most noticeable is that Luke is more blunt than he was before, even to the point where he comes off as downright rude and the Professor ends up having to scold him for it. But on a positive note, the boy has learned to become a little more bold and even braver then he was in previous games.


Strengths: As a gentleman-in-training, Luke's a very kind boy with a strong desire to help others. He's very bright, perceptive, curious, and eager to learn something new. He's even able to point out clues that other people would've missed, and he's always asking questions. He also tends to take investigations very seriously.

Weaknesses: Luke has a tendency to act without thinking, sometimes running into situations head-first without thinking about the consequences. And if he's afraid of something, sometimes he'll let that fear get the better of him, making it difficult to complete a task without help. Also, his own childish nature sometimes gets the better of him as well. Such as being brutually honest, making fun of someone, or just getting into mischief that could get him in trouble.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Luke will get his original starter back, Mr. Bear, but as a Lv. 5 Teddiursa.
Password: Ginger Snaps.

First Person Sample:

[Luke is getting used to using the Pokegear again. So while he's toying with it, he asks a pretty simple question. It's mostly just to get himself caught up on all the latest news in Johto, but he's hoping to see more familiar faces as well.]

So I've been gone for a few months, and I'm afraid I'm behind on what's all been happening here. Can anyone catch me up? Is Team Rock doing their thing still? Gosh, it feels like there's a lot more Pokemon around here too. Anyway, I'd appreciate any information, thanks!

Third Person Sample:

"So, it's you again."

Luke hadn't been in Johto for very long, but once again he was faced with his nemesis. He remembered these things clearly from the first time he was in Johto, and while he wasn't sure if this was the same Sentret he met during his first week here, he couldn't trust any of them. The Sentret on the other hand, chirped happily at Luke. And sure, it looked cute and happy to him - but he remembers those tiny claws. It was just waiting for him to lower his guard enough so that it could lash out at his face.

"I know you think you've got the advantage here, but I'm on to you. The game's up, I'm not going to be fooled by this cute act of yours anymore," Luke puffed out his chest, showing he means business. The only reason Luke was acting with this much arrogance and bravado was because no one else was watching right now to see that he was making a fool out of himself.

The Sentret tilted its head at him, while Mr. Bear the Teddiursa shook her head in exsaperation. While she and Luke had been overjoyed to see each other again, sometimes she really does question his reasoning for things, this especially. Some of it was probably from the excitement of being back in Johto and traveling again.

And ever since he got back, he had this almost this never-ending energy to him, like he was truly happy to be back in a place he spent two years of his life. And while he was disappointed that no one from home was there with him this time and that he was a rookie trainer again, he wasn't going to let himself become a useless trainer like last time. This time, he really did plan to work his way to the top, and become the really amazing trainer he planned to before he left Johto. He glances back at Mr. Bear, and then back to the Sentret.

"Mr. Bear, use scratch!"
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[For once, Luke's Pokegear isn't showing video. But the sounds of shuffling and Luke's voice can still be heard loud and clear. And from the sound of it, it seems like he's moving around something heavy.]

Oof! Talk about heavy...

[Something hits the floor with a loud thud before Luke starts prying open a large box.]

Super Crib 5000 - fire and ice resistant, eh? Hate to think what made them put that label on it. Looks easy enough to assemble though - oh! There's the instructions, now I just have to...


...this...isn't even illegible.

[Luke hears a cry of "Ninetales!" from nearby, before seeing Claire standing in the door carrying a blue-striped Zorua by the scruff of his neck.]

Don't get any ideas about this. I'm not going back to training Pokemon again, I just need to do something about the...



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[Usually Luke notices when strange things are going down in Johto, but today doesn't feel any different then any other day. No new Pokemon, no being warped to strange new places. It's surprisingly peaceful, if not a little boring.

He'll be propped up in his hospital bed, reading a book. Even though today seems pretty peaceful, something still feels off. Every once in a while, he'll set down his book and look towards the door. As if he's expecting someone to be there.]

...Hello? Is anyone there?
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[All the video feed shows is a hospital room and Luke dressed in a hospital gown. His expression is blank, but he keeps fiddling with the Pokegear in his lap.

The hospital room remains completely silent, except for one message that echos through the room and over the network without stopping.]

The number you have dialed is unavailable.

The number you have dialed is unavailable.

The number you have dialed is unavailable.

[The message continues to play over and over for what seems like a very long time.

He's not ready to say goodbye.]

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[The video feed turns on a bit fuzzy at first, revealing Luke who's reclined in a chair in a dimly lit room. Everything about him seems very unlike Luke, from the grin on his face to his manner of speaking.]

Well, well, well! It's been a while, Goldenrod City. Where is your precious Dark-type Knight, your beloved defender of the city? Or has he finally realized that he's couldn't possibly match wits with me, the Puzzler!

Of course, I'm sure you're around here somewhere, aren't you, Zubatman? Always thinking you're one step ahead - but it's me who's got the upper hand this time.

Here's a riddle for you: How is a Pokemon like a busted tire?

You might not want to take too long to answer that, or you'll be finding out the answer the hard way. There are four Pokemon right now, hanging onto dear life before falling to a very unfortunate death. If you want to save them, it's easy! Just solve my riddles, and I'll tell you where they are.

Tick tock. Hurry up, Zubatman. Those poor, poor Pokemon don't have too long.

[Is he being serious? You may want to try answering those riddles to find out...]
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[Luke's returned to his home in Goldenrod a few days ago, in preparation for his birthday. Fifteen years old, he couldn't even believe it. And to think, he was only thirteen when he first arrived. Now that he's a year older, let's see if anyone treats him like a little kid now! In fact, he was pretty sure this made him officially a gentleman. I mean, he was practically an adult now, right?

When he returns home, there's a few things he does first - measuring himself, and to his delight he finds that yes, he has in fact grown a bit. Probably not as much as he would've liked, but at least he wasn't as little anymore! 

But better yet...

Housemates will catch him in the bathroom, stroking his chin. He looks positively delighted, the reason being...]

I did it!! I actually have facial hair! Yes!

[Officially the best birthday ever. A bit later, he picks up the Pokegear, giving everyone on the network a nice close-up of his chin.

On the video feed, it's impossible to see anything, because he maybe has like a few tiny hairs on his chin that are impossible to see. But that doesn't stop him from being excited about it.]

What do you think? I'm finally growing some hair on my chin! Pretty soon I'm going to have a beard and everything! ...Maybe a mustache too.

[He pauses, lost in thought at all the potential things he can do with his new found facial hair. Before shaking his head and looking all excited again.]

So what should I do for my fifteenth birthday?

[Is he being smug about this? Oh yes, he's definitely being smug.]
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[Ever since Luke left his home in Goldenrod, he hasn't been using his Pokegear much. Truthfully, there was nothing too exciting going on. He set out to finish off his collection of badges, and had decided to spend the next week or so in Mahogany. For a world filled with strange monsters, criminal groups, and adventure his life was well...boring.

Today Luke's out fishing near the Lake of Rage. Soul the Raichu seems to be content enough pressing buttons on the Pokegear while Luke's fishing, and Luke's voice can be heard.]

You know what, Soul? I'm turning fifteen next week.

[Soul lifts his head curiously, picking up the Pokegear in his arms and wandering over to sit by Luke.]

I've been here two years, and I'm about to spend my fifteenth birthday here in Johto. I guess I should be a lot more excited about it, but...it'd be nice if I got to spend at least one birthday with my parents. Or any holiday for that matter.

[Luke reaches over to pat Soul on the head, who nudges his hand in return.]

I like it here, don't get me wrong, it's just...aw heck, you probably don't even know what I'm talking about, do you? I guess I just miss home a little, that's all.

[Soul gives a sad little noise, insisting that yes he does understand, but Luke's already gone back to fishing.]

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[The video feed opens to a close-up of a Pikachu's face, who turned the Pokegear on in the first place. Behind the Pikachu is Luke, who has his back faced to the Pokegear as he's busy packing. While Luke's distracted, the Pikachu takes it upon himself to figure out what the Pokegear does by pushing random buttons. So anyone who's paying attention will get this text message:]



[The Pikachu has no idea what he just said, but hopefully someone would understand him right? Meanwhile, Luke's busy talking to himself.]

Let's see if I have everything I need here...um, clean clothes, toothbrush...oh! I almost forgot my puzzle book! I can't leave that behind. Ah, am I forgetting anything? Gosh, I haven't traveled for a while now.

[Something rolls out of Luke's backpack, a green stone with a lighting bolt shape inside of it. The Pikachu lifts his head, and curiously runs over to inspect it.]

Ah, Soul! Wait! Don't touch-!

[But as soon as Soul goes over to inspect it, the room lights up as his Pikachu starts evolving. When the light dies down, Soul the Pikachu isn't quite a Pikachu anymore.


Oh wow...you've gotten so big!


No wait, I didn't mean that as an insult! It's cool-looking, really! I guess we'll really be ready for these next few gyms now that you've gone and evolved.

[And as Luke heads over to his bed, that's when he notices the Pokegear is running.]

Eh? How long has this thing been on anyway? Anyway, I guess I should've mentioned this sooner but I'm going to be leaving on a trip soon to earn more badges. I'm not sure how many I have left to get, but I think I still need to get the ones from Azalea, Blackthorn, and Mahogany. Anyone got any tips for taking on these gyms?

I'm setting out first thing tomorrow. It should be quite the adventure!

...Also, I suppose I should apologize for how I behaved the last time I spoke on the Pokegear. It wasn't a very gentlemanly way to behave.
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[Luke's pretty sick of being sick. After a month's worth of feeling like he had the worst flu ever, growing horns and electrical powers, watching the Centers and some of the Gyms get destroyed, it's been a pretty hectic month. After his powers were gone, he found himself bedridden again and feeling even worse then he did when he got this strange illness.

Luckily the horns were starting to shrink, and his skin was turning back to its usual color. So at least he didn't have to spend the rest of his life in Johto looking like some kind of mutated Pikachu.

A scratching at the door wakes him up from his nap on the couch, and he wraps the blanket around himself and walks over to answer it. What he sees are three familiar Pokemon:


Eh? Alice, what are you doing here? I thought big Luke...

[And then he looks down, seeing the sad looks on the Pokemon's face. His stomach sinks, trying to think of what could've happened. Something was wrong.

Luke turns back and dashes for his Pokegear, picking it up and dialing Clive directly.]

Big Luke! I found your Pokemon here! If you've ran away again, I swear I'll-

Number not found.

[Luke stops, staring at the message on the Pokegear, before trying to dial the number again. There's a painful tightening in his chest. Maybe it was a mistake?]

Number not found.

Number not found. Number not found. Number not found. Number not-

[The Pokegear is snapped closed, before he later notices the letter addressed to him on the table from Clive. As soon as he reads it, the letter confirms all of his fears.

Big Luke had finally gone home. After it finally sinks in, Luke sets the letter down and starts wiping at his eyes.

About a couple hours later, Luke will send out a message on the Pokegear. There's no hiding the hurt and anger in his voice, as much as he tries to sound like nothing's wrong. He knew it was silly being upset that your older self was gone, and he knew he'd see him when he got back home, but...

He didn't want to lose his big brother.  He wanted him to stay here.]

Big Luke is gone, for anyone who knew him.

...As soon as I'm not sick anymore, I'm going to go traveling again.
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[Audio/Action for the Layton House.]

[Luke's curled up on the couch with his Pokegear, wrapped in blankets while shivering with a high fever. He almost doesn't bother with trying to use the Pokegear, but he's desperate to know if he's suddenly dying of some mysterious illness and why so many people seem to be infected with this strange virus. Maybe there's been some news on a cure? He couldn't lose hope yet.

And he certainly couldn't spend the rest of his life looking like this.]

Y-you know I-I'm sure t-this will a-all pass soon. S-someone's working on a c-cure, right? S-so I'm s-sure we'll be b-better in no time - ah.


A-anyway, d-does anyone know the d-details on w-what this s-strange illness is? I - ah.

[Luke sniffles a bit. Don't you hate it when you think you have to sneeze and-]


[A powerful surge of electricity lights up the entire house, which is accompanied by what almost sounds like an explosion. Several things break in the house, right before the house goes pitch black. Luke can only stare in horrified silence for a few seconds. Did he do that?!]

...Uh oh.


[Ashamed and scared that he just knocked out the electricity in the house, Luke wanders outside before he does anymore damage. He has a blanket wrapped around himself like a cloak, where only his face and fingers are visible - and his face and fingers are now an unhealthy yellow color, with his cheeks a very deep red.

But his biggest concern are the newly grown horns sticking from his head, which he's desperately trying to cover with the blanket. Long, black-tipped yellow horns are sticking from his head, resembling a certain Pokemon.

He sits outside for a moment on a grassy hill outside of Goldenrod. He'd like to go into the city itself but he's a little hesitant to go into a busy city looking like this - especially since he's not safe to be around right now. Those city lights are very alluring though...]



[Another powerful surge of electricity from Luke creates a very noticeable beacon of light to his location. Anyone who decides to investigate the beacon of light will find a very sickly-looking and horrified Luke, who's surrounded by a bunch of charred and very unconscious bird Pokemon. Whoops.]
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I think I still need to work on learning some of the modern day slang here. I know "radical" is considered a pretty cool thing to say, but what's some other slang people use?

[Someone really should tell this kid that using the word "radical" isn't as cool as he thinks it is.]

By the way, would anyone like to hear a puzzle? I've thought of a few new ones lately.

[Action - Around Goldenrod.]

[By now, Luke's room is already painted and most of his furniture and stuff has been moved into the new house. But all the moving he's done lately has been pretty tiring and stressful, so he's taking a break to do something fun and new.

Like skateboarding.

He's leashed up his new Poochyena to the skateboard, because this is obviously a good way to learn right? His Poochyena, hyper as ever, seems pretty impatient with just sitting there while Luke wobbly tries to keep his balance on the board.]

O-okay, this shouldn't be too hard. Just like riding a bike, after all.

[But before he can get the hang of it, his Poochyena catches sight of a Rattata and decides to give chase - taking Luke and the skateboard with him. Suddenly Luke is flung forward, trying to hang on for dear life as his Pokemon excitedly runs through crowded streets in order to find his prey.]

Agggggghhh!! N-no, wait, stop! Halt! Please!

[His Poochyena fails to listen and instead takes a sharp corner, which sends Luke off the skateboard and sailing into a bush. He doesn't move for a while.

Anyone walking past will just see a pair of legs sticking out of the bush and some twitching.]
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I bought a house.

I've lived out of hotel rooms for two years now. If I spend one more year living in a hotel, I'm going to go mad.

Professor, Big Luke, Flora, Emmy. I think there's enough room for all of us if you all want to stay too.

I get dibs on the upstairs room. I'm already looking at bunk beds.

Here's the location!

[And he'll send out the address of his new home. It looks like it's on the outskirts of Goldenrod.]


[And Luke will be standing outside his new house, his Pikachu and Ursaring investigating around the house. It's honestly not in the best shape, but the boy isn't incredibly rich so he has to make do with what he can afford.

Still, that doesn't mean it can't be cleaned up.]
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-Again?! Oh no, I didn't end up somewhere else did I?

[Luke quickly does a check.]

Whew! I'm still in Goldenrod. Thank goodness because I'm not sure I'm ready to be carried off halfway across the region. Uhm, hello again, all you new people. Gosh there's a lot of you. I'm Luke Triton, I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you have! Uh...but before I do, there's just one more thing I have to check. You know, since very odd things tend to happen around this time of the month.

[Luke walks over to his hotel room and opens the door. There's not one, but about five or six Ursaring all crammed into his room. They all immediately turn their heads at Luke the moment he opens the door, and look as if they're about to charge the door. Luke gives a startled yelp before slamming the door shut and running downstairs.]

I-If anyone needs me I'll be outside the Goldenrod Inn. Why does it always have to be bears!

[Later outside, Luke can be wandering around Goldenrod. He's got no interest in going back to his hotel room anytime soon...]

Puzzle 040

May. 10th, 2012 01:49 am
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[So how about that flooding, Goldenrod? To make up for his mess-up in cleaning up Goldenrod, Luke will be helping out in a different way today. He sends out a quick message before he grabs a raincoat, boots, and heading out into the storm.]


If anyone needs any help getting to higher ground, let me know where you are!

[And for anyone stuck out in the water, there's a boy riding a Lapras looking for anyone who got stranded thanks to the storms. It's a pretty risky rescue adventure, but his Lapras is a trooper.]


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